How to do SEO in YouTube (Rank your video in just 7 steps).

How to do SEO in YouTube (Rank your video in just 7 steps).

Being famous on YouTube is kind of battle between channels. Everyone wants to rank their video and gain watchtime, Subscribers, Views and earn money. It's difficult to rank video on the keyword you wants if it has low competition then you can rank your videos. 

YouTube Algorithm

If you want to rank your videos you will get to listen about SEO and search for how to do SEO, How to rank videos with SEO, etc. But to rank your videos you will have to get a bit knowledge about YouTube Algorithm . You can visit our article with all knowledge about YouTube Algorithm. 

YouTube SEO

SEO (Search Engine optimization) can be used for ranking videos and gain views, subscribers, watchtime and earn money. To do so you will have to follow these steps:-

#1. Content

First of all, Your content should be original and great, So that viewer watch your video. Don't upload other videos, make your own videos. 

#2. Audience Retention

Audience Retention means how much/average time your videos are being watched. You will have to get a good retention from viewers. If you have good retention on your video then move to 3rd part. 

#3. CTR

CTR (Click Through Rate) means viewers click on your videos not only  the other-ones which are in your up or down  in search. If your click through rate is good your video will get ranked by YouTube Itself. You can also make a click-bait thumbnail to increase your CTR. 

#4.Video Quality

Your Video Quality also makes a point in SEO. Always try to make your videos on 1080p or greater as your rank depends on your quality. YouTube itself will not rank you if your video quality is poor. 

#5. Title and Description

Always make your title short and descriptive. As viewer also click on video after seeing your title. In description always tell about your video's content like what you have explained or what you have taught in first 100- 200 words of description. 

#6. Tags

Always use tags in your Title, Description and tags section to rank your video on particular keyword. I recommend to use a minimum of 10 tags in your video. 

#7. Share

Try to spread your video on social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. 

Work Hard on your video!!!!!