How to install Theme in Blogger | How to install. xml File Template to Website.

How to install Theme in Blogger | How to install. xml File Template to Website.

How to install Theme in Blogger

In today's world we all want to earn money. There are lots of ways to earn but you and me have chosen one similar way that is "blogging". 

Now one question will come up "What is blogging? "

Blogging means writing a paragraph of knowledge about something or someone or anything and uploading it on the internet.

We have many mediums to upload our articles on the internet like we can use website which provides us the service to post articles, make our own website, connect with audience etc. Some of these websites are Blogger, WordPress, Wix etc. We can use these services for free or by paying some money. If you are a professional and want to build a Professional website, Go for WordPress without thinking about anything. But if don't have money then come back because if you want to earn money or use professional features then you will have to pay for that in WordPress. 

But don't worry we have got another one. We all know about Google, 1st Largest Search Engine which have a lot of active users every moment. So many People uses Google Or You can say Today everyone uses Google at any point. 
Google have a lots of cool features and launched a lots of useful and cool apps. One of them is 'Blogger'. 


Blogger is a medium to publish our content to public/audience.It provides it's users to use all features for free. We can make a Professional looking website on Blogger. Even Blogger have a lot of users who posts many articles everyday. Many websites are being built at every point of time. 

Let's get back to Our Topic:-

How to install template to our website. 

There are two ways to do that :

1st Way:

1.Go to blogger.com

2.Go to Theme Sections

3.You wil see a button "Customize".There will be a dropdown button just besides the button. Click on that. 

3.On the dropdown Menu, Click on Restore.
4.Now choose the xml template file that you have. 

5.After Restoring Successfully.Visit your Site. 

6.If everything is right. Then you are done here. 

If this won't work. Go for 2nd Way