How to make your content great to rank your Video in YouTube.

How to make your content great to rank your Video in YouTube.

If you want to rank your videos then you have definitely listened about SEO. If not, Read this article.

Content is the main topic on which YouTubers should be focused on. 

Factors Affecting Content 

#1. Original content:

Your video should be made by your own. Even Your viewers would like to see something new and interesting.Don't use other's video as they will make a bad impact on your channel and YouTube will not rank your video. It is because there are many people who upload other's video and earn but only for short period of time. If you want success in YouTube go for Original Content.Original content will be beneficial for you and your channel. Using other's video for profit is illegal and will get you in trouble

#2. Quality

Another factor is quality of your video. You will have to make video with higher resolution and Always try to make your video 720p, 1080p and greater as they will rank higher. Even Viewer will also like to view quality video with higher resolution

#3. Audio

Always try to make your voice clear and turn background music low or I recommend to not use background music if you do voiceover on your videos. Viewer should know what you are saying

#4. Quality Content

Always make your video informative and good from others. Viewer will not watch you video if you are not giving the right information or content which he wants. And if other gives that content then, Absolutely they rank up from you as they will get high views, ctr,  watchtime etc. 

#5. Consistency

You will have to maintain a consistency in your video. Like you have uploaded a video on Monday and you take 1 day to make your content and publish it then you will have to upload video on Wednesday and don't break the cycle. 

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